5 Tips for Cutting Down on Cooling Costs in Commercial Construction

Looking for ways to reduce your business’s energy costs? Here are some “hot” tips which can help cut down cooling costs in commercial construction:

1. Painting your roof white: Painting your roof in light color paint reflects light and heat away from the building, while dark colors absorb heat. This process not only reduces the temperature inside – it also helps reduce global warming. In the cities like California and Chicago painting roof white has become mandatory for all new construction. This process better works for shed pitched roof and flat roofs.

2. Solar Shading: This is the term used by architects and civil engineers refer to a wide range of techniques to prevent with sun exposure and overheating. Simply put, I excludes sunshine from the building just as a curtain or awning would. The sheer number of solar shading products might leave you confused over choice. Only an expert can determine the right choice for your buildings’ needs. It’s a green alternative to air conditioning, so a well designed home with proper solar shading can help zero percent energy consumption.

3. External Window shading: The primary goal of this process is to prevent sunlight and heat from entering the building window. This is very effective method to reduce overheating. Popular types of external shading are overhang, light shelf, awnings and external blinds.

4. Window glazing and films: How much heat your window lets in depends on the type of glass in it. Translucent or cloudy glass can result in absorbing, absorbed and transmitted, with reflective glass is more effective in reducing heat. Special glazing has been recently introduced which helps reduce heat transmission at the same time letting in necessary light. Today, you can choose from a range of attractive, decorative films for your home or office. Apart from saving you from the heat, it can also save your expensive furniture from losing sheen.

5. Radiant Barriers: This is a very effective commercial roofing product to reduce cooling costs. Radiant barriers are made to help block summer heat from coming inside your home. Blocking heat results in less energy consumption. With the help of radiant barriers, your air conditioner does not need to burn electricity to maintain comfortable indoor temperature. This results in lower emissions also. One of the most effective radiant barriers is a thin layer of aluminum attached on the underside your roof deck material. The aluminum prevents much of the heat rising off the ground from entering your building.

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